Dr. May Yacoob, PhD -  Nutrition and Health

"My goal is to give people a strong foundation for a life-style that includes daily self-care and nurturing."
Dr May Yacoob San Clemente CA
Dr May Yacoob San Clemente CA

A healthy and joyful life can be yours

Dr. May Yacoob has been helping individuals to achieve their goals for healthy living for over 30 years. Her practice, located in San Clemente, California, focuses on individual counseling and working one-on-one to help people overcome a variety of health and diet related issues.

Dr. Yacoob's many achievements include a career working around the globe with the World Health Organization. She is also a certified Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor. Of all her accomplishments, clients and friends alike most frequently praise May's culinary skills. If you think healthy eating has to be boring, limited or flavorless, be prepared to discover a new world and a new you.

You can be healthy, happy and live a joyful life.